Meet the Team

Chris Everrett

Head of Training / Director

Chris gained his Private Pilot Licence in 2002 and quickly realised that he'd rather be flying than on the ground so studied to become a Commercial Pilot.   He became a Flight Instructor in 2007 and then flew the King Air 200 for a variety of Executive Air Charter Companies.  He is currently, line pilot and a Civil Aviation Authority approved Type Rating Instructor and Examiner with over 5000 hours.  

Tracy Everrett

Operations  Director

I am not a pilot but would like to gain my Private Pilot’s Licence someday.

I worked at DragonFly Aviation Services in Cardiff for 7 years as Operations Manager – organising VIP flights for the rich & famous all across Europe. This is where I met Chris.

When I moved up to Teesside, I worked for IAS Medical for a year in the operations department, again organising medical flights around the UK and across Europe for repatriation and organ transplant.

In February 2017 Chris and I decided, that with our wealth of knowledge in aviation, we would open Scenic Air Tours North East to offer the residents of the North East something a bit different – pleasure flights where they can sit back and relax like they are a VIP.

And in September 2018, we welcomed Baby Theo into the world.

Carole Hudson

Operations Manager

I worked for Cleveland Police, in a clerical role, for 30 years. 

I joined Scenic Air Tours as an Operations Assistant in November 2017. My role is quite varied and includes; general administration, keeping documentation up to date for the CAA, as well as looking after passengers.

In 2015 I gained my Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) and now continue to fly privately from Teesside International Airport on a regular basis, using our aircraft.

Andrew Povey


Andrew joined us after spending in excess of 30 years in his family’s flooring retail business, in effect swapping looking at floors to looking to the skies. For as long as he can remember he’s had a love for all things ‘aviation’ and now he’s taken the opportunity to fulfil an ambition and combine a career and that passion for aviation. He’s also working towards gaining his PPL which he hopes to complete soon.

Peter Irving

Professional Flying Instructor

Brought up in Stokesley and started flying aged 12 at Carlton Bank Gliding Club.

Gliding instructor at 17.

World’s youngest PPL at Teesside on 17th birthday.

Started flying with the RAF whilst at university in 1985 flying the Bulldog, Jet Provost, Hawk and the last 5 years of my Air force time flying the Tornado F3.

Left the RAF in 1993 and started flying the Airbus A320 with Excalibur Airways.

Moved to Virgin Atlantic in 1996, on the Airbus A340.

Promoted to Captain in 1999, and flew Airbus A320, A321, A330, A340 and Boeing B787.

Retired from Virgin in 2017, and now fly the Cherokee PA28 and Cirrus SR22

Total flying time of about 18000 hours

Dale Reynolds

Professional Flying Instructor

Originally from Lincolnshire, I trained and worked in London as a graphic designer before moving to North Yorkshire, ultimately setting-up my own design business and becoming a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers and a Governor of Cleveland College of Art and Design. I gained my PPL during that time, subsequently obtaining my commercial licence and flying instructor certificate. I have been flying for thirty-five years and my instructional time alone tops ten thousand hours teaching the private pilot course, night rating and the instrument qualification. I am also a flight examiner and have been elected an Upper Freeman of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots. I enjoy the immense satisfaction that comes with helping so many people achieve their dream of becoming a licensed pilot and I have followed others as they've gone on to gain their first officer and captain's bars with the airlines - as perhaps their very first instructor or examiner, it's a tremendous feeling to see them successfully advance in their chosen career. I have known Chris for many years and I have watched Scenic, under the guidance of both him and Tracy, grow to become the most-respected flight training school here in the north-east.

Trevor Parish

Professional Flying Instructor

Obtained PPL in 1996 at Newcastle followed by IMC training in Florida. Initially just flew club aircraft progressing to group Flying which enabled me to fly more affordable all over the UK and France. 

In the USA I’ve flown in Florida, Nevada and had further superb experiences in Alaska where I obtained my FAA seaplane rating as well as gaining mountain and bush plane experience returning in the winter for ski plane training on lakes and glaciers in the McKinley and Talkeetna mountains. Decided to try gliding about 5 years ago and am a member of the Borders Gliding Club at Milfield where I also fly the tugs a PA18 Supercub and Eurofox. 

About 3 years ago I completed my FI course at Leicester and am also qualified to instruct for night and Tailwheel differences training.

Aaron Hall

Professional Flying Instructor

I gained my PPL in 2009 then built up my hours up to start commercial training. I started flight instructing which lead to a job as a First Officer for an Air Ambulance company specialising in transplant flight for the NHS and private repatriations. I’m now flying the Boeing 737 NG and have 3500 hours. When I’m not flying, I’m usually planning my next holiday. My favourite Air Tour is the North East coast down and Scarborough and Whitby.

Will Henderson

Professional Flying Instructor

I completed my PPL at 18 and have been flying from Teesside Airport since the age of 16. Since then I have flown in America, Sweden, Germany and the Czech Republic whilst training completing my Commercial licence and Instrument ratings aged 21. I am also a holder of a degree from the University of Leeds in Aviation. I joined Scenic in the summer of 2020 and have been a full time instructor since helping students to gain their PPL on the fleet of PA28 and Cessna 152 aircraft

Tom Kinchella

Professional Flying Instructor

I started my career in aviation as an aircraft mechanic, where I worked for British Airways at Heathrow looking after the long haul "legacy" fleet of 747's & 777's for the majority of my time there. Alongside this I started my pilot training. Flying out of Newcastle and Teesside I gained my PPL & Night rating. Following my completion of commercial training in Poland, I then completed my instructor course at the British Aerobatic Academy at Fowlmere Airfield. Naturally, training here led to being introduced to aerobatics which I absolutely loved. So I think that'll be the next course I sign up for.


Professional Flying Instructor