Trial Flights

Experience the thrill of flying an aeroplane with one of our qualified flight instructors by your side.

You can purchase your gift voucher online, valid for 12 months, so there's plenty of time to arrange your flight.  

Just give us a call when it's convenient to book in!

If your friends or family are interested in learning to fly or flight training... they can join the flight, there's room for 2 more passengers.

Click on one of our Trial Flight options below for more information, or feel free to get in touch.

Trial Flight Details

Your trial flight begins with a briefing from your instructor on the main controls, covering the effect of the control column, the power and rudder, before heading out for your first lesson!

Once airborne the instructor will hand over control and it's over to you.... Don't worry, they're all experienced and will be keeping you straight and level.

This is your time to enjoy the thrill of flying an aircraft around the North East!  Turns and climbs, you have control, just make sure you look out of the window to see the amazing views!

Your instructor will point you in the right direction to fly back to Teesside International Airport where you'll receive your certificate with the date and aircraft times you flew; should  you wish to come back and learn to fly you've all the records you need.